Karen Oliver


E-Motional Solutions - Karen Oliver

  • NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer
  • EFT Practitioner
  • EmoTrance Practitioner

Karen works with clients to guide them to finding new ways of thinking and changing their outlook to bring more contentment, peace, wealth and health.  By encouraging the client to find their own strengths and resources and find new choices that enable the change and outcomes they desire.  Whether the issue is lack of confidence, an addiction or a phobia that inhibits your life Karen works with a blend of NLP and energy therapies to bring about lasting change.  If you have been feeling stuck up until now and know it is time to do something different call for a free twenty minute phone consultation to discuss how these techniques can help you to regain your purpose and take control back. 

Specialising in pain management, migraine, phobias & anxiety relief. Free 20 minute phone introduction.  Call today to discuss what you want to gain from these powerful techniques. 

One to one and telephone consultations available.


  • EMO Practitioner BIG +10 congratulations to Karen Oliver for completing EMO Practitioner with GoE trainer Steve Bishop!